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What better way to enjoy the Sunshine State than behind the wheel of one of our used convertible cars? Our inventory of used convertibles for sale is a great way to save some money when you cruise off in style in a convertible that feels like it was built just for you. Please scroll below to learn a little more about what we put into all of our used convertible cars so that you can drive with total peace of mind. Or if you prefer to cast the widest net, shop all of our used cars just in case another hidden gem catches your eye!

Owning a Drop Top Doesn't Mean Having to Drop Big Bucks

One of the biggest benefits of driving away in any of our pre-owned convertible cars is the savings. But just because you're saving, it doesn't mean you're skimping. Our selection of used convertible cars represents some of the hottest makes and models like:

  • The Volkswagen Beetle Convertible
  • The Mini Cooper Convertible
  • The Mustang Convertible
  • The Porsche 911 Convertible
  • The Mazda Miata Convertible
  • The BMW 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, & 8 Series Convertible
  • The Jeep Wrangler Convertible

And many others. Don't be surprised if you find a classic convertible on our lot from time to time, although most of our selection will be from the latest generations. As such, you can find lots of top features like driver's assistance, smartphone connectivity, sport modes, automatic transmissions, and manual transmissions.

Going With Gunther is a Great Bet

We've been in business in the Fort Lauderdale area for so long that some of our earliest store photos are adjacent to cow pastures where shopping centers now stand. What this means is that our roots run deep here. We understand what word-of-mouth means, and we are proud to uphold our reputation based on quality and transparency. Here's what goes into each one of our used convertible cars:

  • A comprehensive inspection
  • OEM quality service where required
  • A complete road-test
  • A complimentary CARFAX history
  • A thorough detail

If we're selling it, we believe in it. These vehicles come to us from local owners in the Coconut Creek, FL, area, which means that they've been protected from harsh salts and weather found in northern climates. Some of these vehicles may have remaining time left on their new car warranty, but if they don't, our finance department has plenty of warranty products to give you the coverage you're looking for. We're all about creating value for you, so be sure to look at the special offerings with our used convertible cars under $15K.

Frequently Asked Questions

What VW cars are convertible?

There is a long history of VW convertible cars, but the brand no longer makes convertibles for the American market. Their modern convertibles revolve around the VW Beetle and VW Eos. This dynamic duo served drivers well until their discontinuation in the late 2010s. But, before them, there were cool classic convertibles like the VW Karmann Ghia, the VW Cabrio, the VW Rabbit convertible, and many more. Find your favorite VW convertibles in our selection of used convertible cars for sale today.

What is the last year Volkswagen made a convertible?

Volkswagen still makes convertibles for the European market, but in America, their final convertible came in 2019 when the VW Beetle faced discontinuation. There is an excellent back catalog of Volkswagen convertibles, and with our used convertible cars for sale, you can experience their greatest drop-top hits. Find one of those used VW Beetle convertibles to see the fun of this lovable long-lived model, or go for a used VW Eos convertible to get a sporty daily driver with a luxurious twist. Either way, our high-quality used convertible cars for sale make open-air driving enjoyment within reach.

What is the difference between cabriolet and convertible?

There is no physical difference between cabriolet and convertible cars. The real difference is in their naming origins. Cabriolet is a term more commonly used on European convertibles, as it was a French word applied to horse-drawn carriages with a drop-top roof back in the 1800s. That French origin carried over as the automobile was invented and gained traction in the European continent. "Convertible" is the common term for drop-top vehicles outside of Europe, as it is a straightforward term referring to how the car converts from roofless to enclosed.

Gunther Wants You to Show Up & Get a Glow Up

Whether you live in North Miami, North Port, or the North Pole (hey - St. Nick drives a convertible, too), we want you to feel great about upgrading your ride. We spend a lot of time in our cars. Don't you think you should love what you drive? Call or email one of our endless-summer-fun specialists and let them know what you're looking for. More times than not, we've got gorgeous, used convertible cars just waiting for detail. They haven't hit our website yet. But you can be the early bird if you just reach out and ask! Continue browsing our site and check out the Gunther-only benefits with any of our VW lease specials. Let's make 2021 the year of more fun. Sound like a plan?

Used Convertible Car Reviews

"I brought a blue Volkswagen convertible beetle. I’m in heaven it was affordable and it’s all the luxury for living in Florida" 5 stars, review by Sheldon Klasfeld 05.02.2019.

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