Windshield Replacement & Wiper Blade Services In Coconut Creek, FL


If you have a cracked or damaged windshield and need Volkswagen (VW) windshield replacement, bring your vehicle to our Volkswagen service center in Coconut Creek, FL. Our team of service experts provides professional VW windshield replacement services at competitive prices. Whether you drive a new Volkswagen Passat sedan or VW Atlas full-size SUV, we can install a new replacement windshield on your vehicle to the factory standard.

VW Windshield Replacement Service

When a chip or small crack appears in your windshield, it's important to have this fixed right away. Even if that stone chip or crack is tiny now, it can grow. Small cracks in your windshield can grow until they span the length of your windshield, which is a serious safety hazard. If the integrity of your vehicle's windshield is compromised, it might not behave as it's supposed to in the event of a collision. A cracked windshield is also a traffic violation, and the police can cite you. Avoid risks to your safety and incurring possible traffic tickets by booking your windshield replacement at our service department. When you trust our team with your VW windshield replacement and installation, you know the job will be performed at the highest standard, and the seals will be water-tight.

Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement

Along with our VW windshield replacement services, we also offer VW wiper blade replacement. After a while, the rubber on your car's windshield wipers will dry out and become cracked. At which point, the wipers will be less effective at clearing your new windshield and could streak your field of view. There's no reason to endure sub-par windshield wipers. Book an appointment with our service department for VW wiper blade service. If you like to perform some of your routine auto maintenance yourself, getting a new VW windshield wiper blade from our Volkswagen parts department is quick and easy. We'll make sure you buy the correct size for your vehicle to ensure a proper fit. Get your new wiper blades before the rainy season hits and stop by our nearby auto repair shop today.

VW Auto Repair in Coconut Creek, FL

When you bring your new Volkswagen Golf into our service center for windshield wiper blade replacement, it might be a good time to take care of any other maintenance needs your vehicle might require. If it's been a while since you've had a car battery test or you think your car's battery might be more than five years old, ask about our battery services. We can run a free battery test and ensure the battery is holding a charge so you aren't stuck with a car that won't start.

How much does it cost to replace your windshield wipers?

When you need new wiper blades for your vehicle, our service department is waiting to assist you. Since cars come in different sizes, their windshields also vary. Consequently, they require different size wiper blades. The best way to get a price quote on the cost of new windshield wipers is to contact our dealership. We can look up your vehicle's specific trim and model year and tell you the price of the wiper blades that fit your vehicle.

How much does VW windshield replacement service cost?

If a stone or debris has cracked your windshield or you've experienced a random act of vandalism, our dealership is here to assist with your VW windshield replacement. We can make sure the new windshield is installed to the factory-required safety and performance specifications. New sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs for sale have windshields of different shapes and sizes, so windshield replacement costs will vary depending on your vehicle. To get your price quote on VW windshield replacement services, contact our dealership. We can look up your specific vehicle in our parts catalog and tell you the new windshield cost.

Volkswagen Repair at Gunther VW Coconut Creek

Whether you need windshield replacement service, a quick oil change, or wheel alignment at our VW tire service center, our state-of-the-art service department is standing by to assist you and make sure your vehicle is running as it should. If you're due for new wiper blades or any other auto maintenance, book your appointment through our website or call our service department. Be sure to ask about any discounts on auto repair we're currently offering. We like to regularly provide service specials and promotions to help keep the cost of auto repair down. We hope to see you soon.

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