Gunther Volkswagen Coconut Creek Sponsors "USPCA Region 1 Field Trials"

USPCA Region 1 Field Trials

The Coconut Creek Police Department is hosting the USPCA 2023 Region 1 Field Trials March 19-24, 2023. This important event showcases law enforcement's finest K9 officers from around the region as they compete in various PD1 and Detector competitions, including:

  • Obedience
  • Detection Practice
  • ORT Testing and Packages
  • Room Hides Narcotics/Explosives
  • Apprehension WITH & W/O Gun Fire

It was one of our city's very own K9 officers, Officer Michael Leonard with the Coconut Creek Police Department, who apprehended the Parkland shooter in 2018. Gunther Volkswagen Coconut Creek is proud to be a Diamond Level sponsor of this event that showcases the important work these officers and their four-legged companions do.

We hope you can attend and see one of the community demonstrations. Be sure to find someone from the Gunther family and say hello.